Consultation & Coaching help
for People with Chronic Lyme Disease
and other chronic illnesses

I help people with Chronic Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses who are determined to improve their current health and life situation—people like YOU, who want skilled support and guidance on their recovery path— 
from someone who ’gets it'!

Are you someone who values personal growth and self-exploration as a means to improving your well-being? Does accessing key information directly from powerful intuitive sources appeal to you? Then we are a good fit!

There are two different ways that you can work with me by Skype/phone:

(1) Health Consultation


( 2) Coaching and Intuitive Support Sessions

(1) Health Consultation: When you need to make a key health /life decision and want to get some valuable input.

We’ll discuss where you’re at, what is and isn’t going well --and figure out where you need to go from here!

Together, we’ll brainstorm and I’ll help you in any of the following areas, based on your needs and wants:

  • Review your current diagnosis, your symptoms, your treatment and your recovery/management plan.

  • Drill down to capture what’s bugging you the MOST with your current situation and what you especially need help with.

  • Identify gaps in your present treatment team.

  • Discuss ways to find and choose the best-suited (and most realistic) resources and health professionals for your unique needs, so you can plug those gaps.

  • Identify the things/people/habits that are supporting your health and well-being, and also what your current obstacles are.

  • List the things that are getting in the way of you taking charge of your health.

  • Identify what skills you need to build and what changes you need to work towards (as you’re able & ready) in order to feel a greater sense of control over your current health challenges.

Health Consultation Cost: $170.00 CDN (~ $130 USD) for 1 hour.

You can book your 1-hour appointment online here   (book two, half hour slots back- to- back, please) and I will email your invoice as well as a short intake form to fill out and return before we meet. Online payment is required before your session.

(2) Coaching and Intuitive Support Sessions: When you want to dig in, figure out what’s really going on and lighten
your stress load.

There are so many things that influence your daily experience of chronic illness. Your mindset, habits, past experiences, beliefs and emotions all influence the state of your immune system and affect your total health and well-being.

Let’s shed some light on what’s really going on in your inner and outer worlds, so you can move past feeling stuck, frustrated and like you’re in this all alone.

Coaching and intuitive insights can help you sort out the actions you need to take that bring you greater peace of mind and more control over the challenges of your daily life.

We ALL have our blind spots!  It can take a set of skilled outside eyes and ears to help understand your health and life situation more clearly.

As a trauma-aware life and health coach and intuitive practitioner, I provide compassionate emotional support and a safe place to help you explore what is really going on inside.

My intuitive techniques include channeling, medical intuition and business intuition.

Together we will:

  • Identify and address your beliefs and habits that get in the way of supporting your health and well-being.

  • Sort out what you need to do next in order to improve your quality of life, despite the challenges you’re dealing with.

  • Build on the strengths, values and skills you have that you may have lost sight of, that can help you navigate your health situation more confidently and with less stress.

  • Create stronger skills and confidence in areas such as communication with loved ones about your daily health care needs, being assertive with health care personnel, navigating the health care system, creating healthier daily routines and tuning into your body to learn to give it what it’s asking for, in order to heal.

  • Strengthen your natural intuition and learn new methods to make good decisions from a place beyond your everyday thinking mind, so you can tune into what your heart really wants—in health and in life.

  • Explore your life purpose and get in touch with what matters most to you, so you can figure out how that can be further expressed, despite your health challenges.

  • Create realistic goals and step- by- step actions to help you to reach them.

Coaching and Intuitive Support Sessions Cost:  

  • Package of 6 coaching sessions for $1500.00 CDN (~ $1153.00 USD), 1½ hours per session.

  • Individual session for $260.00 CDN (~ $196.00 USD), 1½ hours.

Professional grade supplement ordering for Canadians, at 10% discount, shipped directly to you:



How to Connect with me:

For coaching sessions:

We’ll discuss your top priorities and concerns, figure out what you need and explore how we could work together.
We’ll see if this process is a good fit.

For general inquiries:

Connect with me by email or Facebook by clicking on one of the icons at the bottom of this page. I'm eager to hear what's going on with you and to answer your questions about how I can help!



I feel like I can say anything that’s on my mind. Lisa is able to assimilate a lot of stuff I tell her, by listening and condensing it down to pull the ‘gold’ out! I value her entire skill set. She is able to use multiple sources of intuitive wisdom in her work, and each one offers me different perspectives. If you want unbiased support to see what’s really going on—a pattern, a habit, things in your life that keep repeating — or to let go of something when you feel you just can’t move forward, Lisa will help you get to the root cause so you can fix it and get on with getting results.
— Rebecca Liston, Intuitive Business Consultant and Coach,, London, ON
I did a coaching session with Lisa because I needed clarity and guidance about a big decision. There were so many directions I could go in. I needed good input, so I could get my ducks lined up in a row. Lisa helped me be more self-aware of my own thoughts and actions. I realized that what affected me most as a child was also behind why I want to help others in my work now. It made so much sense. That made me realize that we all react to our own insecurities— and now I have even more empathy for and awareness about others. That can change everything!
— Isabel Iaconis, Hairstylist and Equine FEEL session Facilitator, Glencoe, ON